Resort Comprehensive Park in Bangladesh
Resort Comprehensive Park in Bangladesh

The Resort Comprehensive Park was built in Bangladesh, and the park was created by Cowboy Group from planning, design, custom production to landing. Integrating the planning needs of customers’ site and highlighting the the characteristics of park, Cowboy Group created the project as a comprehensive park with both an outdoor playground and water playground, providing players with a free switch of water and land play experience and enjoying the different experiences brought by two kinds of facilities.


Overall Design Concept

When the team of Cowboy Group designers took over this project, they surveyed the project’s original site planning and layout. Based on the ultimate professional pursuit of Cowboy Group, the design team of Cowboy Group will be in line with the design principle of less damage, precise budget, and good design to create a unique park with its features for clients. Therefore, depending on the project site with two swimming pools and a large amount of open space, the Cowboy Group design team decided to maximize the utilization of the two spaces and built a comprehensive park with both water and land. Furthermore, the entire comprehensive water park contains two amusement areas including an outdoor playground and water playground, which are both independent and interrelated. The two areas are not only a play entirety allowing players to switch the play area freely but also two independent play areas bringing players two different kinds of experiences. In addition, the whole design concept is both unified and independent, and the whole design concept combines the water park with the outdoor play park, while, the two different types of design styles between the two parks can set them apart.

Outdoor Playground Design Concept

The outdoor play park is aimed to build an amusement place for kids to get close to nature and contact with nature, so the outdoor play area for kids uses the design concept of harmony between humans and nature, adopts the colorful color collocation, and matches with different kinds of outdoor playground equipment. Moreover, the design theme of the outdoor play park is outdoor expansion, therefore, the whole place is mainly to exercise the children’s coordination ability of hands and feet, practice the thinking, and harvest the outdoor amusement experience. Besides, many related outdoor playground equipment is equipped in the field.

Water Playground Design Concept

The original planning and layout of this project has two pools which are a smaller padding pool and a larger padding pool. According to the different depths and areas of the two pools, the Cowboy Group designer team determined their different functions and usages and matched them with corresponding aquatic play equipment. In this water playground, kids at different age stages can find the amusement activities that they are interested in, fully releasing their nature and energy and it is also an excellent venue for parents to accompany their children to grow up, interact together, and improve the parent-child relationship.

Matching Amusement Equipment

The water playground and outdoor playground are respectively equipped with premium water playground equipment and outdoor playground equipment produced by Cowboy Group.

Outdoor Playground Equipment

The outdoor playground area covers a natural series outdoor playground with various slides and climbing nets and a large-scale climbing and rock climbing playground. In addition, the outdoor playground is also equipped with rocking horses, swings, climbing net combination, simulated tunnel warfare equipment, climbing net turntable equipment, etc.

Aquatic Play Equipment

The water playground equipment in the water park area has different collocations in the two pools. First of all, the smaller wading pool is equipped with water seesaws, spin water play equipment, water gun water play equipment, apple water house, etc. Secondly, the wading pool with a larger area is equipped with a colorful kids’ water house, water ring water play equipment, clown water play equipment, flying rings bucket multifunctional combination water play equipment, calf elephant water slide, and so on.

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