Huilong Ecological Water Theme Park in China
Huilong Ecological Water Theme Park in China

The Huilong Ecological Water Theme Park is located in Huilong Ecological Park, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province, China, and it covers a whole area of 200,000 square meters that is a large-scale new leisure venue integrating water sports, air sports, physical sports, leisure, and vacation.The most important parts of the Huilong Ecological Water Theme Park not only retain and highlight the original project characteristics but also add fun to children’s play for parents and children to interact closely.

Project Location Analysis

The project site is selected in the Southwest China where embraces rich natural resources and complete ecosystems, however, the children’s water play park was built in the Huilong Ecological Park with a high standard of the healthy mineral water quality. Therefore, when the Cowboy Group designer conceived this project design concept, the children’s water playground should not only meet the client’s demands but also reflect the local characteristics.

Design Concept

Before the Cowboy team started to design this project, they analyzed the customer’s requirements, project location, project features, and the original planning layout of the Huilong Ecological Park at first, and then the designers combined the factors to conduct a custom 3D deepening rendering that is a perfect children’s water playground.

In view of the fact that the project location has abundant and high-quality groundwater resources, the designers use ground spray, dry spray and other kinds of water play equipment in this water playground, allowing the players to get in touch directly with the water. Additionally, the positioning of the project is a children’s water park, and the client’s needs are to increase the fun of children’s play and provide a variety of play experiences for kids, so the water playground is equipped with a water house of the colorful clown series. In this children’s water playground, the deepest water area is no more than 20cm, which is an excellent safe place for young children entertainment and parent-child interactive amusement.

In addition, the ground color of the whole water playground uses dreamy colors like blue, purple and yellow as the main color, and the water equipment uses a colorful mix of colors, which not only provides children with a dream play venue to release their nature, but also activates the infinite vitality of the children.

Matching Aquatic Play Equipment

The children’s water playground is composed of a Colorful Kids Water House With Kids Combination Slide and some different types of Water Play Equipment. Meanwhile, the Colorful Kids Water House has the Clown Water Play Equipment, Colorful Roof Pour Bucket Water Park and various kinds of Water slides, such as the Double Water Slide, Closed Water Slide, Opened Spiral Water Slide, etc, while, the water play equipment contains the Funnel Water Spray  Equipment, Flower Water Spray Play, Flying Rings Bucket Multifunctional Combination Water Play Equipment, Number 3 Spin Water Play Equipment, Vase Water Play Equipment, Bent Pipe Water Equipment, Clown Water Play Equipment and so on.

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