Cowboy Big News丨Cowboy Dubai Branch Officially Opened!
Cowboy Big News丨Cowboy Dubai Branch Officially Opened!

After months of planning and preparation, the long-awaited Dubai branch of Cowboy Group will officially open in December 2023!

Dubai known as the “trade capital” of the Middle East and North Africa is located in the middle of the coastline of the United Arab Emirates at the intersection of the three continents of Asia, Europe, and Africa.Besides, it is also an important logistics, trade, transportation, and tourism center in the East and West, attracting the attention of investors from around the world.Among the world’s top 500 companies, 20% have established their regional headquarters in the United Arab Emirates, and 84% have established branches in the United Arab Emirates, most of which are in Dubai.Therefore,Cowboy Group keeps pace with the times, continues to deepen the overall pattern of “serving the world”, deploys and upgrades all-category and all-round one-stop services in the Middle East market, and establishes a Dubai branch.

Group Layout-Deeply Exploring The Middle East Market

Cowboy has been deeply involved in the Middle East market since 2009 and has launched more than 300 unpowered amusement projects, water park projects, indoor children’s park projects, and mid-to-high-end kindergarten projects in the Middle East. The establishment of the Dubai branch will better meet the needs of customers in the Middle East and Africa, and provide regional customers with better solutions and convenient business support.

The establishment of the Dubai branch is not only the first overseas branch opened by the Cowboy Group under its globalization strategy but also an important step in the global layout of the Cowboy Group.At present, the Dubai branch has officially started operations. The new blueprint indicates that the Cowboy will once again stand at a new starting point for take-off and meet new challenges.

Company Location -Convenient Transportation And Pleasant Scenery

Cowboy’s Dubai branch is located in Dubai Business Bay, with a very strategic location, adjacent to iconic landmarks such as Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall.Besides, it is also situated in a prosperous international commercial area and is a 5-minute drive from the world’s tallest tower. The Business port area brings together many Fortune 500 companies, is the region with the most business and trade activities in Dubai, and is the leading business center in the region.

The port area has a beautiful environment and is lined with high-rise buildings, which demonstrates Cowboy’s class and taste and shows the Cowboy’s confidence and determination to enter the international market.

The branch company is located on the 16th floor of an office building, with a sightline high above the clouds. Whenever the sun sets below the horizon, you can see Dubai’s famous Burj Al Arab Hotel nearby and the sea and sky in the distance.

Office Environment

The transparent office space view and flexible open office layout meet diverse office needs, allowing employees to enjoy a comfortable and free office space and permitting us to work poetically!

The multi-functional meeting room, comfortable reception area, and comprehensive tea room can not only meet the diverse needs of employees for work scenes but also stimulate the spark of thinking collision in a relaxed and pleasant environment.

Continually Move Forward-Star A New Chapter

The successful establishment and formal operation of the Dubai branch is an important milestone in the leap-forward development of the Cowboy Group. We will continue to uphold the original mission of “Being the Cowboy of the world and Making the World Happier”, continuously improve our core competitiveness, create greater value for customers, fulfill our commitment to global customers with excellent services, and achieve new leaps in the new strategic territory. 

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