Aqua World Water Park in Resort, Hungary
Aqua World Water Park in Resort, Hungary

The Aqua World Water Park is located in Hungary which is a country of Europe, and this water park belongs to the supporting water park of Aqua World Resort. This Aqua World Water Park is undertaken by Cowboy Group, and Cowboy Group according to the site situation, water park position, and customer’s requirements makes a planning and design, so that a perfect resort supporting water park can be built.

Project Detail

In view of the fact that the client of this water park requires to build an outdoor water park with the function both of children’s amusement and child-parent interaction, Cowboy Group makes a comprehensive consideration from several dimensions, making a planning layout design and customizing an excellent design solution for this water park.

The resort’s original scale plan had several swimming pools, each with a different depth. To create the most practical and idealistic water park on the most proper budget, Cowboy Group reserves these swimming pools to meet the swimming needs of hotel guests and build a colorful series of amphibious kid’s water houses in a flat area adjacent to the swimming pools. Besides, the water playground is also equipped with various types of water play equipment including water guns water ring water spray equipment, spin water play equipment, etc, which can add some interestingness to the water park and attract children to play here.

The water park adopts a colorful series of water playground equipment, and each piece of amusement equipment is used in a different bright but in line with the psychologists’ advocacy of color collocation. Colorful collocation is beneficial to stimulate the brain development of children’s brain, improves the ability to distinguish colors, and plays an active role in children’s psychological development. Therefore, when children play in the water park, they can not only gain happiness from entertainment and joy, but also develop and improve in many aspects.

Matching Water Playground Equipment

This water playground takes child-parent interaction and children’s amusement as the theme, so the water playground equipment in this Aqua World Water Park permits the adults and children to play at the same time. Meanwhile, the design team is equipped with a colorful series of child-parent interactive water house that has some water slides, and many different shapes of water play equipment, so that children can liberate their nature and release energy in the water playground.

In addition, the water park also contains a variety of water play equipment, covering water ring water spray equipment, fan blade water play equipment, flower water spray play equipment, flying rings bucket multifunctional combination water play equipment, and so on. Moreover, water amusement equipment also embellishes the entire water park, adding some fun to the experience.

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