Cowboy Group Will Showcase at the TAAPE to Further Expand the Southeast Asian Market
Cowboy Group Will Showcase at the TAAPE to Further Expand the Southeast Asian Market

From October 24th to 26th, the only professional amusement equipment event in Thailand – THAILAND(BANGKOK)AMUSEMENT&ATTRACTION PARKS EXPO will be a grand opening at the IMPACT EXHIBITION CENTRE, BANGKOK, THAILAND. Cowboy Group, the leader of China’s non-power amusement industry, will attend this exhibition to show you the customized design services, customized production services, advanced production technology, and high-quality products of Cowboy Group. At that time, the Cowboy Group will be waiting for your visit at Booth No. i-06.

Brief Introduction About TAAPE 2023

THAILAND(BANGKOK)AMUSEMENT&ATTRACTION PARKS EXPO or TAAPE Expo for short is not only an exhibition focusing on theme park playgrounds, video games, and the game &amusement industry but also the display window for gaming amusement and theme park playground equipment producer and design company enters Southeastern Asian market.TAAPE Expo is held by Compass Exhibition Co., Ltd, covering an area of 25000 square meters,and its exhibitor numbers and exhibiting brands are nearly 400. Besides, there are 20000 visitors and lots of enterprises from more than ten countries and regions including Malaysia, Singapore, China, Korea, the Netherlands, Spain, Russia, and the UK, arriving at this expo. At the same time, TAAPE Expo as the unique professional amusement equipment event in Thailand will showcase the latest developments of Thailand’s amusement and leisure industry to all kinds of companies containing children’s indoor playground devices、mechanical amusement equipment、theme water park and carnival game machine factories, providing a communicating platform for exhibiting enterprises, experts and those customers with need.

Seize the Opportunity to Integrate Into the Wave of Economic Globalization

The water park is one of the projects in leisure and amusement,and the investment and development in water park presents a healthy propradation in recent years. Whether you are an investor or a builder, you can find your own exclusive developing opportunities.With the continuous advancement of economic globalization, enterprises from all countries will show their advantages through the opportunities brought by economic globalization and seek a higher level of development.As a forward-looking water park manufacturer with strong comprehensive strength, Cowboy Group will also firmly seize this opportunity to expand overseas business and develop overseas markets. At the same time, this TAAPR Expo covers the entire ASEAN and Southeast Asian countries,ttherefore,Cowboy Group will establish an effective trade channel to enter the local market by participating in this exhibition.

Deeply Develop Industry and Stand Out From the Industry Companies

Since Cowboy Group was established,it has been devoted to research&development and design on the road.During this period,Cowboy Group continued to improve its own production technology,enhance the design and planning capabilities and upgrade the products,so as to provide the players with a safer, more fun and their own characteristics of the water park.In China,Cowboy Group as the leader in unpowered amusement industry and the industry model benchmark object,is trusted by customers.Nowadays,the overseas market business is gradually developing every year.Up to now,the global projects has landed in more than 100 countries and the landing projects is closed to 5000.

About Cowboy Group

Cowboy Group is a water park planning design and aquatic water play equipment manufacturing company with 20 years of experience. Cowboy Group with rich industry experiences, a mature professional team, and advanced production machines and technology, can provide customers with a one-stop service from sales, customized design, customized production, installation to after-sales, which can help clients create an exclusive water park. Cowboy Group, the expert in building a water park, can offer you professional suggestions so that you can choose a design plan that is adapted to your budget, ideal theme, and brand positioning requirements. Cowboy Group looks forward to your visit.

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