Shelari-gu Water Park in Guangdong, China
Shelari-gu Water Park in Guangdong, China

Shelari-gu Water Park is located in the famous hot spring resort scenic spot of Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, China, and covers an area of 3000 square meters. Furthermore, the Shelari-gu Water Park is one of the business scopes of the Shelari-gu hot spring resort and integrates the architecture and design styles of China’s Tang Dynasty, and Southeast Asia. In this water playground, the Cowboy Group cooperates with the QinTian Group to create a water park based on the theme of pleasantness and adventure.


Design Concept

Considering the water park is surrounded by plenty of green plants, the design team of Cowboy Group adopts colors that blend with the surrounding environment, while the design theme is created around the marine. In the water playground, various marine organisms and octopus stinkhorns are incorporated into the water playground equipment and water park design, allowing children to stimulate their imagination during the play and explore the ocean world. In addition, the Cowboy design team uses the mountain slope to do the planning design with trapezoid and retains part of the original ecological terrain, so that the venue can be made full use of and visitors can enjoy the surrounding scenery at a glance when entering the water park.


Project Detail

Since the water park is planned and constructed as a trapezoid, and based on this construction feature, Shelari-gu Water Park is equipped with various aquatic play equipment in every layer, and tourists can start their water park adventure layer by layer, getting unique play experiences and exploring different pleasant surprises and happiness.



When the children enter the sea world, they first pass into the ocean splash pool where children can shuttle the door-shaped water play equipment and use the water gun play equipment to interact with the marine plant, and then continue their adventure to the next layer.



Next, kids are coming to the family combination slide. Here, children can bravely set off with their parents in a raft on the small tornado combination water slide, while children can compete with their parents in the family competition slide. Are you ready, let’s go…




Then, they will arrive at the jungle series water park interactive water house, which corresponds with the surrounding environment. In this juggle theme water house, there are hundreds of water playground projects waiting for your exploration. Furthermore, it is not only suitable for the kids and the old to play but also for visitors to develop their relationships with their partners and couples in the course of amusement.



Last, the lowest layer contains many different kinds of water play equipment with diverse shapes, and this aquatic play equipment lets the children immerse in the colorful water world.




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