Fengshen Magic Water World in Anhui, China
Fengshen Magic Water World in Anhui, China

Fengshen Magic Water World is a super large comprehensive water park located in Fengshen Culture National Resort in Linquan, Anhui Province, China, covering an area of 80,000 square meters, with an investment of 400 million yuan. As China’s top high-end water park overall service solution provider, Cowboy Group customized an exclusive water park planning scheme for this water park to cover all age segments and all categories of aquatic play equipment to create a large integrated water park.

Design Concept

Fengshen Magic Water World as an important part of the development of local tourism and the unpowered entertainment industry, Cowboy Group will be according to the project’s positioning to build a characteristic and attractive large-scale water park to attract tourists from the surrounding area. Therefore, this water park will be equipped with different types of amusement equipment to meet the different play needs of children and adults, and fully experience the happiness of summer water play.

Project Details

The water park has large water amusement facilities such as big trumpet slides, rainbow combined water slides, and boomerang slides, allowing you to experience the magical pleasure of water escape. Secondly, there is also the comfortable and cozy water project of the lazy river, so you can better feel the water flow and get a unique water fun experience. Thirdly, the children’s area is composed of children’s happy Island, kids combination slides, children’s music fountain water squares, water houses, and other water playground equipment, hence children can play with a variety of aquatic play equipment, attaining different kinds of water play experiences, and loving the water play activity in water park. Fourthly, the area of Nezha Conquers the Dragon King is composed of an exciting tsunami pool and a refreshing wave pool, so that you can feel the cool touch in the hot summer.

Landing Pictures