Aulet Water Playground in Shandong,China
Aulet Water Playground in Shandong,China

The Aulet Water Playground covering an area of 2000 square meters was built in Dezhou City, Shandong Province, China, and is also an indoor water playground created by Cowboy Group. This park with water playground uses the light colors scheme and the fresh and bright design style, which can give those who have just entered the water playground a refreshing sense of cool, enjoying the pleasure of summer and embarking on a novel and wonderful water park journey.

Design Concept

The Aulet Water Playground adopts a fresh design style, extracts the design elements from marine organisms, and builds an indoor playground taking ocean as the design theme.

First of all, because the indoor water park and outdoor water park have different construction characteristics,before the Cowboy Group designed this indoor water park, they fully considered their diversity and then integrated their respective advantages into the indoor water park. Therefore, the water playground applies the appearance design and application of elements that combine the ocean and nature, so that the tourists can experience that although they are in an indoor water playground,they have the amusement experience of being outdoors like being in the real ocean.

Secondly, in view of the fact that the indoor water playground is a closed environment with limited space and area, Cowboy Group adopts the fresh and natural design style to break down the feeling of oppression brought by indoor space, so that children can freely dance with the water and enjoy the happy moment.

In addition, Cowboy Group has integrated a series of marine elements to create an indoor marine-style water playground to provide players with a themed immersive play experience. Furthermore, children can not only enjoy a safe and weatherproof indoor play environment but also play and experience a wide variety of aquatic play equipment.

Finally, the colors of the water park equipment and decoration are both colorful color collocations that conform to the characteristics of children’s physical and mental development. Moreover, the colorful color collocation can stimulate the development of children’s brains, cultivate their creative thinking, and play a role in edutainment.

Matching Aquatic Play Equipment

This water playground is equipped with many different kinds of aquatic play equipment, including Ocean Water House, Frog Water Play Equipment, Water Ring Water Spray Equipment, Spin Water Play Equipment, Special-shaped Water Play Equipment, Kids Combination Slides, Frog Slide, Multi-players Slides, Kids Boomerang Slide, Kids Combination Water Slides and so on.

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