Seapool Resort Custom Design Water Park in Libya
Seapool Resort Custom Design Water Park in Libya

The Seapool Resort Water Park is located in Al-Khams, Ghanima, Libya, and is a supporting amusement venue of the Seapool Resort. As a water park construction company, Cowboy Group is responsible for the entire water park design, including layout planning, custom design, custom production, and installation, helping customers build high-quality water parks with peace of mind. In addition, the Cowboy Group hopes that through this clever design and careful combination of water play equipment, hotel guests will have a relaxing and enjoyable vacation time.

Design Concept

Before the Cowboys Group began conceptualizing the design for the Seapool Resort water park, the Cowboys Group considered a variety of factors.Among them, the most important consideration is the fit between the water park and the original design of the hotel in this project.In order to harmonize with the environment of the hotel and play a role in adding highlights, the Cowboy Group design team not only needs to do the water park design but also needs to do the water park landscape design.In addition, the Cowboy Group also needs to consider the age of the players, the amusement functions of the water park, the players’ entertainment needs, and the positioning of the water park. Based on the above considerations, the design team of Cowboy Group decided to create a light amusement theme water park for hotel guests.

Project Details

The Seapool Resort Water Park is composed of two parts that make up a water play area with both exciting and strong interactive aquatic play equipment. The first part is a combination water slide, and the other part has a colorful series of water houses and some water play equipment.
Furthermore, this outdoor water play equipment adopts abundant color collocation, and each kind of color collocation is certificated by child psychologists, so that using the color collocation is beneficial to stimulate the development of children’s brains and minds and improve their abilities to distinguish colors.
In addition, this water park faces the sea and the beach, and the water park is surrounded by greenery, providing hotel guests with an excellent environment and pleasant atmosphere for a pleasant vacation.

Matching Aquatic Play Equipment

The Seapool Resort Water Park is equipped with many different kinds of water park playground equipment and swimming pool water play equipment. At the same time, the water park equipment includes a combination water slides and a colorful series of water houses, with three types of water slides and various shapes of water play facilities.At the same time, to increase some interaction and interestingness to the water playground, water play equipment with special shapes are added, for example, water ring water spray equipment, specially shaped water play equipment, funnel water spray play equipment, flower water play equipment, funny curved pour bucket water play equipment and so on.