Water and Forest Carnival Theme Water Playground in China
Water and Forest Carnival Theme Water Playground in China

The Water and Forest Carnival Theme Water Playground was built in Handan City, Hebei Province, China and is a matching indoor water park of the hotel with three major play themes. The indoor park with water playground was planned and designed by Cowboy Group creating a water and forest carnival theme indoor water playground and bringing tourists and hotel guests a unique, safe but exciting amusement experience in the water playground.

Design Concept

This water playground planned building appearance is an oval shape, and the building site is also a closed indoor place. In order to meet the visitors can have a diversified play and multi-level experiences in the indoor water playground,Cowboy Group combined with the construction needs of the client planned the site as three play areas and designed three different play themes including Future City Area, Jade Pool Fairyland Area and Jungle Wonderland. Among them, the design theme of each play area is Cowboy designer’s works of ingenuity and contains the following design philosophies.

First of all, the first area is a water playground exploration area with science and technology based on the theme of Future City and it applies some element of science and technology as the theme of region packaging. Furthermore, the area also has some water curtain movie and interactive induction facilities, which can promote the visual experience, enrich the interestingness of amusement and even immerse yourselves in the era of science and technology.

The second area is the theme water park exploration area taking Jade Pool Fairyland as the design theme. When designing this area, Cowboy Group combined the prototype of natural mountains and waterfalls to create a wave pool that recreates a natural alpine lake. Here, the tourists can feel the wave pool from trickle to surge, which brings them an immersive experience,as if they are floating in the real wave.

Finally, the third area is the Jungle Wonderland theme water playground exploration area. This area combines aquatic play equipment and forest according to the ecological environment factors so that the visitors can see and feel a lush green landscape in the indoor environment. In addition, this area added some comprehensive water park equipment to create an indoor oasis water park for tourists to play and rest.


Corresponding Water Park Equipment

Future City Area is equipped with the most water playground equipment in the three play areas. Besides, all the aquatic play equipment adopts the design theme of future technology style and the design appearance of future technology elements and applies the colors with a strong sense of technology. Future City Area not only has many large-scale and exciting amusement projects but also has some leisure and interaction amusement projects. Meanwhile, the large-scale exciting projects include Wave Slide, Cobra Slide,Family Raft Slide,Water Dragon Slide,Phantom Slide,Big Trumpet Slide – Cyclone Slide,With Longer Exciting Experience of Small Tornado Combination Water Slides,Combination Slide,High-Speed Slide,etc,while the leisure and interaction projects cover Customized Water House, Lazy River and so on.The Jade Pool Fairyland Area mainly has large wave-making equipment, and the wave pool restores the appearance of the alpine and lake, which looks very spectacular and shocking.The Jungle Wonderland is composed of many different sizes of swimming pools, small size water houses and water play equipment. Moreover, the area also incorporates a variety of plants to create an atmosphere of playing in the jungle, so as to give the tourists a comfortable and leisurely experience.

Project Renderings