M’nar Water Park in Morocco
M’nar Water Park in Morocco

M’nar water park locates in Tangier, Morocco. Morocco is a North African country with a hot climate, therefore, the local people make use of the rich water resources to help them cool down, and the M’nar water park is the summer heat relief product and is popular with the local people.



This water playground has various water park equipment, and especially it has many kinds of water slides. For example, Two-Person Boomerang Slide, Competition Slide, Big Trumpet Slide – Cyclone Slide, Pirate Ship Water House Equipment, High-speed Water Slide, and so on. All these projects are very exciting and funny, which can be satisfied your play requirement.


Some kinds of water park equipment allow two to four people to play, like Two-Person Boomerang Slide and Big Trumpet Slide -Cyclone Slid. Some water park projects just allow one person to play, but they have multiple slides, which supports that many people can play the project at the same time.


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Here are some landing pictures of M’nar Water Park in Morocco.