Door-shaped Water Ring Play Equipemt
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Spray Features are designed for children's play water products. These devices are suitable for use in children's pool with ornamental and educational, but also the ideal combination of family playing water equipment and an essential playground for aqua parks.

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Attractive and Imaginative Design

With their striking color palettes and eye-catching water choreography, Splashpads are designed to draw a crowd and leave a vivid impression on families and communities.

The Door-shaped Water Ring with the large size is about 2.7 meters high, and it uses glass fiber reinforced plastics that never rust as production material. Besides, it applies the Morandi color as its main color, which will make the water ring look more elegant and gentle. It can be used for both children and adults to play and the water will be sprayed from the top of the Door-shaped Water Ring , and the sprayed water column is gentle, dense and stable, which can give you a more comfortable experience in the water park.

A water park with a water ring is very essential and common. The parameters of the Small-size Door-shaped Water Ring and the Large-size Door-shaped Water Ring are basically the same, and the difference is that the height of the Small-size Door-shaped Water Ring is designed to be about 1.7 meters, which is more suitable for kids to play. Besides, it also uses glass fiber reinforced plastics which never rust as the production material and belongs to one of the aquatic play equipment.

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