Four-Person Super Bowl Slide
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The giant beast bowl slide is also known as the vortex slide. Tourists ride on a 4-person raft, slide down from the platform 18 meters high, and pass a section that is several days long. After the ten-meter fully enclosed tube slide, it rushes into a huge bowl with a diameter of 18 meters at high speed. After spinning around the edge of the giant bowl for about two and a half turns, it is finally sucked into the hole in the middle of the bowl. Riders will enjoy an unforgettable glide experience, and the screams will accompany the glide from beginning to end.

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Super bowl is engineered to combine the excitement of the space bowl and the joy of the tube slide in one slide. lt brings you unparalleled excitement! Seated in a 4-person raft, you will be dropped into a huge bowl after experiencing a black tunnel which makes you close your eyes unconsciously. Before you calm down a little with turns in the bowl ,bowl whirls driven you to the exiting part out of your expectation.this slide start again sliding it very soon. Be prepared for the queues!

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