The “Four Principles” Of Optimizing Selection Of Water Park Equipment

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As the most popular leisure way for summer tourists, the water park is a paradise integrating summer, leisure and entertainment. The water park is so popular that it attracts the attention of many water park investors. Then, in the same industry where many people come from, how can a water park operator choose a product that suits itself in many water park equipment, To attract more tourists? The following four principles must not be ignored.

Principle One: Clear market positioning.

The water park is also one of the numerous projects that have the commonality of other projects, namely the clear market positioning. As a business operator or manager, it is necessary to know what kind of aquatic amusement experience they want to create for the target customers. It is thrilling or exciting to position the customer groups in advance. Only by clearly understanding the needs of tourists and their own needs, can we better formulate equipment selection and product portfolio solutions.

Principle Two: The scale of the equipment must be suitable for the scale of the park.

If the overall size of the park is large and more equipment is needed, large-scale products should be the mainstay, and small equipment should be properly equipped to avoid simplification and ensure the best entertainment. When the overall size of the park is small, it is necessary to use small-sized waterpark equipment as the mainstay and to use more movable and detachable equipment to ensure high-quality experience while saving space.

Principle Three: Select brand manufacturers.

The water park equipment belongs to the public’s play equipment, so it has strict safety and quality requirements for amusement equipment in terms of playstyle, product appearance, and quality. First of all, we must look at the brand and strength of equipment manufacturers, in many ways to examine the output cases of equipment manufacturers; Second, we must look at the complete qualification of equipment manufacturers is complete, this is very necessary, after all, a set of equipment purchased is not a year or two years of operation will be scrapped. If you choose a non-qualified equipment supplier, the potential operational and security risks resulting from this are difficult to measure.

Principle Four: The price is reasonable.

Under the premise of capital permitting and meeting the purchase requirements, it is possible to select imported equipment. Some small facilities may consider manufacturers with domestic production experience. Operators must consider comprehensively and can not only consider the price level, but they are eager to buy cheap products. Selecting suppliers with reliable quality and reasonable prices, purchasing more water park equipment at one time and obtaining bulk purchase discounts are actually saving money.