Don’t be too tired to run a water park, give advice to investors!

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, there is a rising market, which is the indoor children’s water park. The main profit income is the ticket, and the specific fare depends on the consumption level of the local market, the income of the parents, the proportion spent on the child, and the comprehensive consideration of factors such as the position of the store where the store is located. For investors, the most interesting topic is profitability. Today, talk to everyone and see if your water park is on track.

Water park equipment and parents’ thoughts

In the current society, parents take care of children and pay great attention to their children’s education. Simple water park equipment simply cannot be recognized and encouraged by parents. Only entertainment, safety, education, health, and equipment can be accepted by the heart. Therefore, when choosing a water park equipment, you should not only care about the degree of stimulation, but should also focus on safety.

Security + creativity

Whether it is an adult or a parent with a child to play, we must first consider that it is a safety issue. Some years old, rusted water park equipment, no one will play, and it is impossible to feel relieved The children are taking this risk. The existing security risks include but are not limited to the following six points:

  1. The gap in the protection net is very wide, and the child’s feet are easily stuck in it;
  2. The device corner should be softened to prevent children from accidentally colliding;
  3. Some children’s playground slides have neither handrails nor personal care. Children are more likely to fall;
  4. Most of the children’s parks did not perform health checks on children entering the venue. They did not refuse to come to the affected customers, and did not take measures such as washing hands and body temperature before entering the venue.
  5. The health conditions are worrying. There are various skins, paper scraps, hair and other debris and even sharp hard objects under the pool. The staff has not regularly cleaned and disinfected;
  6. Too many children play, but also prone to scene out of control, and even lead to stampede.

Indoor children’s water park, must be the first safety.

Indoors, children can be trained by using creative play equipment and clever use of sound, light, gas, water, and color combinations. In general, the marketing of children’s playgrounds has a certain degree of particularity. If you want to continue to make profits, there are many marketing techniques. Children’s amusement park consumption is determined by parents. Therefore, children’s playgrounds must not only be loved by children, but also must be approved by parents.

An indoor water park, which includes the decoration style of the park, equipment selection, location of the equipment, etc. Secondly, the park should be safe, clean and hygienic. Regular inspections should be conducted to ensure that the screws of the play equipment are loosened and other safety issues, as well as the cleaning and disinfection of aquatic amusement equipment, in order to cultivate loyal customers. Children are the center of the family. In children, parents spend a lot of time every day. If the park can take good care of the children for the parents and win them a comfortable leisure time, especially the parents of the office workers, I believe that the children are spending money. They are very happy to pay for the children to play happy!