Four Tips For Investment In Water Park



Four suggestions for the correct selection of water park equipment manufacturers

After the rapid development of water parks in recent years, the number of water park equipment manufacturers has also been on the rise. There are many factories with factories and documents and small workshops. Faced with this situation, the majority of investors can not help but hesitate, in the end, should choose which is appropriate? Which water park equipment manufacturer is reliable?

Notes on the selection of water park equipment manufacturers:

1. The acceptance, approval, and issuance of qualification licenses for all special equipment are carried out by the provincial quality and technical supervision departments. This is in strict accordance with national laws and regulations.

The two major documents of the water park equipment manufacturers are: “Special Equipment Production License” and “Special Equipment Installation, Modification and Maintenance License”

Therefore, investors should carefully check their qualifications when choosing a water park equipment manufacturer. Some water park equipment manufacturers are actually just empty shells, there are no factories, there is no R & D personnel, this type is an agent, product quality and after-sales is difficult to be guaranteed, investors need to be vigilant.

2. When choosing a manufacturer, choose a water park with many customer cases, classic cases, a wide customer area, and long sales history. These manufacturers have accumulated rich experience in the operation and management of water parks. They will not only provide investors with good quality products and equipment, but also formulate reasonable project planning solutions based on the specific needs of customers, and at the same time help customers develop multiple profitable points and upgrade the overall project. Competitiveness. This investment and management can have a strong guarantee and long-term development.

3. Safe water park products first come from safe raw materials, followed by safe process structure design. Water park equipment manufacturers need special process structure design department to take charge of product process structure design, ensure the safety of product use, and achieve the realization of process structure. The original product process structure is continuously optimized and continuously improved so that the product function is continuously improved. It is safer and more convenient to use. Finally, there must be a dedicated product safety testing department to ensure the safety of the customers’ operations. The separation of water parks and hydropower must also meet the national standards before they can operate safely.

4. For the management of water parks, the purchase of water park equipment is only the first step in the operation of the water park. It also requires professional installation guidance and debugging, and regular inspections of after-sales service personnel throughout the water park business. The park’s hydropower safety, product maintenance, and water quality maintenance will continue to improve product life. In the selection of manufacturers to choose a perfect after-sales service system manufacturers.