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Cowboy sincerely invites you to attend the "2018 China (Shanghai) Attractions Expo".

Issuing time:2018-10-19 10:20

Cowboy sincerely invitesyou to attend the "2018 China (Shanghai) Attractions Expo".

China international amusement equipment expo has successfully held 31 sessions, is the largest professional amusement fair in Asia, which attracts suppliers,developers and member units from more than 40 countries, more than 30 provincesand more than 5,000 amusement parks and attractions around the world to visitand purchase every year.The expo opens up the whole industry chain of the amusement industry. The exhibits cover theme parks,indoor parks, water parks, children's parks, high-tech and many othercategories and thousands of small categories.

Guangzhou Cowboy Water Park & Attractions Co., Ltd was Establish In 2003,  affiliated with Guangzhou Cowboy Industrial  CO. Ltd., Which Is located In Ao tou Town, Cong Hua District Guangzhou, Covering An Area Of 49800 Square Meters. As a leading Company in the water park equipment, water slides and water play equipment Industry, we are specialized in planning , designing, producing , installing of water park and water attractions , with commitment to providing   excellent quality and services . Our main products range from water slides , surf boards, flow riders, water houses, lazy rivers, wave pools, ride houses, to aquatic play units. Within the past few years, our company has been exporting products to over 20 countries, while winning our clients' trust and support for our services and water park products. Let's work together to develop the ultimate solution for you and your water park

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Exhibition time: 201810 21-23

Booth No: H1,NO:543-546

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Water park equipment exhibition.png

Booth No: H1,NO:543-546

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