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2018 Asian Paradise and Attractions Expo

Issuing time:2018-06-30 09:45

2018 Asian Paradise and Attractions Expo

 The "2018 Asian Paradise and Attractions Expo" was grandly opened in the Guangzhou

China Import and Export Fair Area A. With a total scale of 130,000 square meters, 6,500 booths, and 1,100 exhibitors, the expo has exhibited a total of over a thousand water park equipment and received domestic and foreign distributors from more than 50 countries and regions. On the opening day, hundreds of domestic and foreign media participated in the event.

      Guangzhou Cowboy Waterpark Equipment Co., Ltd. combined the well-known enterprises manufacturing water amusement facilities at home and abroad, and displayed the culture, technology and business value of the water park equipment industry. As one of the largest amusement fairs in China, the 2018 Asian Paradise and Attractions Expo has an important role in the exchange of water park industry trade.

      As China, the second largest economy in the world, the development of recreational facilities has become an indispensable part. Guangzhou Cowboy  Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. has made great progress in customer planning profit planning upgrades, technological innovation changes, and continuous improvement in product quality. With so many advantages, Cowboy  have attracted a lot of celebrities both at home and abroad to have a keen interest in our products in the context of this exhibition, which indicates that the trend of “going out” of China's shepherd boy company is entering a new era.

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