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No Rust Colorful Theme Interactive Water Play High- Intensity Fiberglass Water Park Equipment

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Cowboy is a leader in water park equipment and spray park design, fabrication and construction. water park equipment photo While pioneering completely integrated water recirculation systems, the company provides a sustainable solution that enables countless hours of innovative activity without water consumption limits. Now they are entering a whole new realm. By joining forces with leading water park equipment manufacturer Landscape Structures Inc., Cowboy will apply the design and innovation they are known for to the creation of imaginative and new water play experiences. High-intensity fiberglass water park equipment never rust, If you want to know more information, Please contact with us:

They focus on designing interactive never rust water park and water park equipment that encourage children toexperience water in unique ways. From spray canons to dumping buckets, ground sprays and a host of above ground spray features and games Cowboy’s water park equipment products provide a sensory rich, inclusive, nature play experience in water for children of all ages and abilities. Cowboy offers versatility by being a unique water play design and engineering company that utilizes both stainless steel and fiberglass materials.

Cowboy as a senior water park equipment manufacturer, we use advanced technology to ensure that the entireproduct is rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, environmentally friendly, healthy,and harmless.

1: Interactive Water Play Introduction

Cowboy colorful theme interactive water park equipment, specially-designed play structures that engage children of allages. Play structures and interactive elements allow hundreds of people to joinin on the fun at one time. spray features can be placed in separate areas for preschoolers and older children to age 12. Individual components can be arranged to create a unique tropical play land. Rich and colorful designs hold great attraction for children. May be used in shallow pools with a depth of 12inches (300mm). Highly interactive exciting environment with various water flow patterns and interactive water jets

- Perfectly shiny & smooth finish on both sides

- Aesthetically superior product

- Stronger & lighter water parks

- Homogeneous thickness distribution

- Perfectly smooth joints

- Environmental friendly

- Easy maintenance

- Available in translucent colors

- To sum it up, we obtain superior water parks both aesthetically and physically in less time and with less waste.

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2: Autoclave Forming Technical Processes:

Mouldpreparation: Mould be slightly wiped clean by soft material, check if it is airleakage. Then spray release agent on the mould.

Cutting andPadding: cut the prepreg material with protective film as pattern, payattention on the fiber direction of material, then take off the protective filmof prepreg material. According to the order and direction to laid prepreg oneby one, each layer should be pressed firmly by rubber roller, drive air out.

Assembling andBagging: on the mould assemble all prepreg material and other accessories andput into bag, check if the vacuum bag is good and well sealed.

Hot pressSolidification: put the bag assembled into autoclave, connected with vacuumpipeline, close autoclave, then process as technical required conditions bysteps of vacuumizing/heating/pressing and solidification;

Leaving out ofautoclave and demoulding: after solidification, wait the vacuum bag go down toroom temperature, take it out of autoclave, take off all the accessories, thentake the products out, trimming and finishing it.


3: SMC Manufacturing Technique

SMC material molding process is the highest production efficiency of FRP / composite material molding process. SMC molding process has many advantages, such as: product size is accurate, the surface is smooth, product appearance and size repeatability is good, the complex structure can also be a One-time molding, secondary processing without damaging products


4: Recirculation Systems

Create a safe and fun splash pad without water consumption limits. Our industry-leading water quality treatment systems savemillions of gallons of water annually, are easy to operate and meet or exceedlocal health department regulations. Choose fromabove-ground skid-mounted orunderground vault systems.

  1. Activation bollard Touch-post activator

  2. Ground spray Flush spray-feature with nozzleeffects

  3. Embedded pod drain Drain-to-waste eliminatesstanding water in ground spray pad

  4. Collector box Main drain with dual port collectssplash pad water to return to tank

  5. Drain-to-waste valve box Solenoid valve diverts rain waterto waste

  6. Drain-line to waste Carries waste water to sanitaryor sewer system

  7. Aqua play structures Above-grade spray feature withvarious water activities

  8. Underground water-reservoir tank Pre-fabricated and pre-plumbedwith waterlevel control, inlet loop, floating skimmer and submersible pump-out system

  9. Lockable man-way with ladder access Easy access for servicing waterreservoir tank

  10. Distribution manifold Pre-plumbed and pre-fabricatedwith winterization blow-out port

  11. Manual valves Manually control each spray feature’sheight and distance

  12. Feature-pump skid UL-listed, pre-fabricated andpre-plumbed with adjustable legs

  13. Filtration skid and automated chemical controllerUL-listed, pre-fabricated andpre-plumbed

  14. Sand- or cartridge-style filter Available with sand media orcartridges

  15. System control panel UL-listed controls for total system and feature operation, including hours of operation, duration, events sequencing and on/off controls

  16. Main power supply Typically 460-230V, 3-Phase, 60Hz and 115/20V, Single Phase,60Hz

  17. Chemical treatment pH-adjustment reservoir and pump

  18. Water-fill supply Municipal water supply with pressure regulator (20 to 30 psi) and back-flow preventer

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5: Planning and design



Cowboy is a water park equipment company, is focused on designing interactive splash pad and aquatic play products that encourage kids to experience water in unique ways. Combining General Recreation’s knowledge and experience with aquatic play areas; and Cowboy engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities, makes us valuable partners on all of our clients’ aquatic playground equipment projects.

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