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Size: 10*17m                                         Power: 165KW                        Area: 19*13.5m

Vehicle: Surfing Board                          Pelple: 2-3 peoples                    

Feature: Durable, Eco-friendly             Service Life: More than 10 years

The Surf is one of the safest, most durable products in the industry. Our Surfing product line will entice guests to ride or watch one of the best surfboards in the world.Our chute can accommodate one or more people and give all of riders the opportunity to experience the thrill of surfing.

The surf pool is a very high content, can simulate the real sea surfing, water from the front flat and high-speed never, tourists crawl on the surfboard to enjoy the passion.The flow rate is very fast, about 80km/h.

Wave Pool

Size: Customized                       Accessories: Air Pump                    Control: PLC

Depth: 0-1.8m                           Feature: Durable, Eco-friendly

Capacity: 2000people             Service Life: More than 10 years

Wave pool is a kind of simulated artificial wave. It creates the mostrealistic wave and makes different experience for visitors. The huge wave will bring the visitors fantastic surfing and beach walking. With slight noise and low energy consumption, easy management and operation. Wave pool is suitable for hot spring, hotel, waterpark etc

Lazy River

Depth: Less than 1.2 m      Length: Customized          Width: 4-6 m

Area: 1000M²                       People: 100 peoples          Installation: Available  

Service life: More than 10years

Lazy river is a kind of artificial river, uses high-pressure air pump to create a fast-flowing water along side. The perfect way to unwind after a long day at the park ,To lie in the floating tube, drift around the water,enjoy the sunshine and close your eyes. Enjoy yourself and feel the peace by drifting along the stream. In the journey, you will see artificial island, interacting spray animation and other amusement elements.

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