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Platform Height: 14.3m        Slide Wide: 2.6m               Stretched Length: 78.5m  

Area: 2272 M²                         Vehicle: Raft                        People: 4 peoples

Maximum Speed: 12.7m/s    Maximum angle: 37.5°     Water supply: 960M³/h

Tornado is one of the most popular water park slide and a must-play item for a large water park. Groups of four riders will climb into the raft ,through thepipe, through twists and turns, under the effect of gravity, riders with the raft left and right swing in the cave, and finally slowly slide to the exit.Riders in the gliding process can experience the feeling of high-speed centrifugal and flying in the air, especially suitable for adventurers and big theme water park.


Platform Height: 14.5m           Slide Wide: 1.4m              Stretched Length: 95.7m

Area: 1146 M²                             Vehicle: Raft                      People: 2 peoples

Maximum Speed: 12m/s          Maximum angle: 55.5°    Water supply: 300M³/h

Boomerang is one of the most popular large water park slides for two or four people to play at the same time. Under the action of gravity, riders from the 12-meter-high platform take a two-person or four-person raft to slip rapidly from the approach road,and riders will feel weightless. Then under inertia, rushed to the opposite slide, a feeling of rushed to the sky, and then slowly slide to the sink, make people memorable

Super Bowl Slide

Platform Height:12m           Slide Wide:1.4m                Stretched Length: 86.7m  

Area: 535 M²                           Vehicle: Raft                       People: 2 peoples

Maximum Speed: 6.4m/s     Maximum angle:18°         Water supply:300M³/h

Super bowl water slide is engineered to combine the excitement of the space bowl and the joy of the tube slide in on slide .It brings you unparalleled excitement. Sitting in a 4 person raft, you will be dropped into huge bowl after experiencing a black tunnel which makes you close your eyes unconsciously. Before you clam down a little with turns in the bowl , Bowl whirls driven you to the exciting part out of your expectation water park equipment.

Space Bowl Slide

Platform Height: 10.5m            Slide Wide: 1m                 Stretched Length: 55.6m

Area: 262M²                                 Vehicle: Body                    People: 1 peoples

Maximum Speed: 11.6m/s        Maximum angle: 25°       Water supply: 150M³/h

Space bowl is one of the largest water slide, most exciting and most attractive water park equipment. Guests can experience three different levels of excitement in one slide. Firstly Riders launched in an enclosed tube then drop into a huge open bowl and continuing with several whirls around the slides of the bowl with centrifugal force, finally ends with a big splash into the hole.

Wave Slide

Platform Height:12m             Slide Wide:1.4m                Stretched Length: 33.6m

Area: 330 M²                             Vehicle: Raft                       People: 2 peoples

Maximum Speed: 8.7m/s       Maximum angle:45°         Water supply:200M³/h

Wave Slide is one of the most popular large water slides for two person to play at the same time. Riders from the 12-meter high platform down, experienced the first rapid decline, and then crazy under the inertia rushed to the other side of the slope. The  experiment repeated again and again. To riders unforgettable wave swing trip.

Kids Tornado

Platform Height:1.9m           Slide Wide:1.4m                  Stretched Length: 17.6m  

Area: 115 M²                            Vehicle: Raft                         People: 2 peoples

Maximum Speed: 5.7m/s     Maximum angle:35.2°         Water supply:200M³/h

Riders sit in the 2-person raft, sliding from 1.9 m platform, the  raft enters the open flare slide, swings back and forth here, and slides down into the landing pool. Taking into account the needs of the smallest tourists and their parents, we maximize the safety of our children's chutes. Kids Tornado is ideal for parent-child interaction, it is the essential water attraction for gigantic aqualand.

Kids Boomerang  

Platform Height:1.9m         Slide Wide:1.4m                   Stretched Length: 18.6m  

Area: 63 M²                            Vehicle: Raft                          People: 2 peoples

Maximum Speed: 5.5m/s    Maximum angle:32.2°         Water supply:200M³/h

Kids Boomerang is a parent-child interactive water slide.  Due to the fun and safety, parents can  rest assured that children play. Cute cartoon shape, distinctive color design, so that children like to see on here water park equipment and bring the ultimate experience for children.

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