The theme park in the leisure industry refers to the park with a specific theme of recreation, for people to play, leisure, enjoy a specific space. Theme park development and construction of subject planning in advance, paradise of venues, facilities, activities, performance, mood, such as landscape, ancillary facilities, goods are according to the theme concept and model, make these with the relevant elements are unified under the central idea of this topic, the formation of a specific topic at the amusement park.

Theme Park Type

1. Historical theme park: tracing the development of human beings by using prototype environment and historical development and booth future.

2. Foreign countries, famous and popular cultures: display the customs and cultural landscape of different regions and nationalities according to space, so that tourists can enjoy the local conditions and customs of foreign countries.

3. Film and television characters as themes: plan the scenes and characters described in literary works as themes.

4. Science and technology VR: with the development of modern science and technology and future prospects as the theme, it combines real scenes, virtual images, light, and sound effects to show the virtual world.

5. Natural ecology: take the natural ecological environment, wild animals, wild plants and Marine life as the theme.

Design Principles

1. Focus on features and strengthen features

2. Diversity and variability

3. Highly humanized, fully considering the needs of tourists

4. Combination of ecological environment and garden art

5. Take measures according to local conditions and attach importance to ecological and environmental protection

1.Octopus Theme Design

The octopus theme slide is one of the series of water houses with the theme of animals. The fantastic, exaggerated and weird shape especially attracts the attention of tourists. It is also an amusement item not available in the water park. At the same time, the combination of octopus theme with rotating slide, closed spiral slide, double vertical slide and water splashing project, in addition to the appearance sculpture of the theme, also provides a simulated scene, which is the atmosphere and situational feeling created by the theme park.

2.Jungle Theme Water Park Design

Themes can be created based on specific or abstract designs of characters, plants, stories, cultures, landscapes, and history Let the visitor experience the dream in the rainforest, in nature to obtain the passion.


With the acceleration of the development process of water parks in China, the contradiction between construction and ecological environment resources becomes increasingly prominent. Through the comprehensive development and utilization of the area where the planning project is located, the physical space is expanded to the maximum extent to realize the planning and design concept of doubling the value and reasonable price of the water park. It will have a positive impact on the development of the tourism planning and design industry. For the rapid development of China’s tourism industry and limited resources, it is the best way to reduce costs, improve benefits and achieve sustainable development. Improving self – cultivation and international competitiveness is one of the effective means of the tourism planning industry. For many reasons, there are still many problems in a social environment and natural space environment. In order to make the region harmonious and healthy development, in the planning and construction, we must follow the concept and principle of green water park design, combine the design method of natural ecological environment, build a humanized water park, and create a space environment with multiple functions coordinating with each other and multiple value systems integrated optimization.

Planning And Design Cases